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shapesnshadows and I (clumsy_chord) started up this community as a place for us and our friends to talk about books, post reviews, and so on. We've decided to open it up a little to other readers as well, but you'll have do a tiny little song and dance number to join. Rather than cut and paste it here as well, please go read this entry about New Members and Introductions. Our rules, such as they are, are also posted in that same entry. Not to be a jerk, but we may change the rules if we need to, and we may revoke membership, if we need to. But I don't really foresee that happening. More likely, if we have a problem with you, one of us will email you about it, and see if whatever the issue happens to be can't be resolved that way. (Again, I don't foresee anything happening, but I've been a part of plenty of online fandoms: wank happens. I don't want it to happen here.)

The question about your library online (such as at anobii.com or librarything.com or bibliophil.org) is only so that we can add a link here:

Personal Libraries
shapesnshadows (at Anobii.com)
clumsy chord (at Anobii.com)